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For many decades, the Spanish automotive equipment and component industry has been a world leader in terms of innovation, technology, experience and quality. It offers a wide palette of technologically advanced products with high safety standards and quality at competitive prices. Companies operating in this sector have therefore become strategic suppliers for clients all over the world.

The Spanish automotive industry dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when brands like Hispano Suiza were at the forefront. In the 1950s, the emergence of SEAT laid the foundations for a dynamic equipment and component manufacturing industry. In the following years, Spain began to make its mark in the automobile sector and was selected by major foreign manufacturers as the ideal location for their vehicle and component production facilities. Since then, Spanish industry and its economy have gone from strength to strength, boosting the automobile industry and establishing the country as a global leader in the field.

Its creative approach to new challenges and ability to adapt – the result of working with brands from different cultures – have made the Spanish equipment and component industry increasingly flexible, forward-looking and fully committed to a job well done.

Today, automobile manufacturers from all over the world have their production facilities in Spain: 17 vehicle assembly plants and over 1000 automotive component manufacturing companies. In spite of fierce international competition, this large and highly developed industry has been able to defend its position at the head of the pack.

The figures attest to the strength of the Spanish automobile industry. Spain is one of the top 10 vehicle producers in the world and is also the fourth-largest component manufacturer in Europe. The Spanish equipment and component sector, as a whole, carries significant weight in the value chain of a vehicle, contributing to around 75% of the total. It is one of the sectors with the highest export figures, with 82% of output going to over 130 countries.

A solid, international and diversified industry

Spain is home to major national and international firms, medium-sized listed companies and SMEs specialised in the manufacture of automotive equipment and components that have established themselves both nationally and internationally, with a presence in the largest markets.

Moreover, Spanish component manufacturers have based their operations close to vehicle production facilities, and have thus been able to provide quick service tailored to specific needs.

Large multinationals from the equipment and component sector have also set up their operations in Spain because of the large number of automobile production facilities and the favourable conditions offered by the country.

All these factors combine to create a vibrant industry with a global turnover of over 30 billion euros in recent years.

R&D: a core focus

There are several reasons behind the success of the Spanish equipment and component industry: high productivity, modernised factories, significant investment in research & development and a highly qualified workforce.

Automotive equipment and component manufacturers employ over 300,000 highly qualified, specialised workers in Spain.

Spanish companies have invested heavily in research, development and innovation; they are well aware of the realities of this dynamic sector and the need to create new products that meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the sector. In fact, the Spanish automotive equipment and component industry is one of the sectors with the most cutting-edge R&D, both at national and European level.

Quality assurance

Quality allied with efficiency, skills, ongoing training, differentiation and technological innovation are in the DNA of the component sector. Maintaining extremely high quality standards in each and every phase of vehicle manufacturing, from concept to production, is vital. As suppliers of components that will eventually be fitted in vehicles, this industry plays a key role. Clients must be confident in the knowledge that all the components will function correctly.

In order to deliver optimal results, component manufacturers commit considerable resources to R&D, both to create new products and to introduce more efficient production processes, while always keeping their clients’ needs in mind.

The following infographic displays the main features of Spanish components:


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